Can socks protect me from shoe friction and irritation?

Can socks protect me from shoe friction and irritation?

Yes. Firstly, different thicknesses and fibers used in each part of the sock, can provide optimum comfort and protection for each area of the foot. (Special production techniques had to be designed in order to achieve this highly-complex final product.)

Secondly, socks provide extra protection against chafing where the Achilles tendon meets the shoe. This is an important area to protect when breaking in new shoes and for people with sensitive feet.

Thirdly, some unique fabrics used in socks is wrinkle-free and self-straightening such that irritating folds and wrinkles will never appear around the foot.

Lastly, unlike most socks, which contain a visible protruding seam where the toe area of the sock is sewn closed, socks can feature the ultimate toe closure, which cannot be felt even in tight-fitting shoes. This hand-linked, ridge-free closure completely eliminates the friction and pressure that other socks inflict on the sensitive toe area.

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