Interesting information about socks

Good socks will not only help keep your feet comfortable within your shoes, but will also keep them dry by drawing moisture away from the feet.

100% cotton socks can hold moisture against the skin, causing painful blistering.

Wool and silk are often found blended with the latest generation of synthetic materials. If you find wool too warm or irritating, you could try an acrylic blended sock.

Socks made with new materials such as CoolMax or DriMax are designed to wick sweat away from the skin keeping it fresh and dry.

If you have problems with circulation or swelling, try to avoid socks with tight elastic tops. There are wider soft-top socks available for such conditions.

Regularly check your sock drawer and discard outgrown or misshapen socks.

Synthetic materials may shrink in a hot wash and the synthetic cottons become hard which can rub and cause abrasions.

Always check toe seams for a knobbly casting off knot – particularly for children’s socks. If you have diabetes, there are now socks manufactured from one piece of material without a toe seam.

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