2015 - Mart Visser & Frans Molenaar

In collaboration with well known companies and designers, Euro Sox Plus B.V. together with Interloop Ltd. proudly produced the Alzheimer Socks.

The two socks are symbol of the confusion that Alzheimer patient daily have to face with. The striped sock has been developed by the Dutch designer Frans Molenaar, who self had this disease. The other sock has been designed by Mart Visser.

One out of five people gets Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia. But unfortunately nobody speaks about it. By wearing these socks you will make a statement and initiate a conversation making people aware of Alzheimer disease. And that is the goal of the two different socks.

The sale of the socks can raise a lot of money that will be used to accelerate the research, helping to find answers. By buying one pair for 6,99 Euro you will have two different socks, by buying two pairs you will have 2 pairs of socks of each style.

Buy these socks, help support the research and help overcome Alzheimer.



A collaboration between Alzheimer Nederland, VU mc Alzheimercentrum, N=5, LEWIS PR, Albert Heijn, HST Groep, C&A, V&D, samhoud, Unilever, montapacking, ziggo, Philips, Heineken, DSM, Jacqueline de Haas Photography, Lustrous Law, Interloop and Euro Sox Plus BV.

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