12 Things to Do with Your Old Socks

  1. Use them for dusting – I know lots of people who put an old sock on their hands and dust. It’s especially great for nooks and crannies. I do this often with my son when he wants to help, it makes the work fun.
  2. Use them for kids’ crafts and make sock puppets.
  3. Make a cat toy buy filling with catnip.
  4. Place in door and window cracks to keep cold air from coming through.
  5. Use to store golf balls, tennis balls and other small toys.
  6. Fill part of the foot with potpourri and use as a sachet for drawers and closets.
  7. Cut off the foot and use to insulate bottles and cups – keep the cold, cold and warm, warm.
  8. Use to moisturize very dry hands. Slather hands with lotion and cover with socks. Sleep on it and in the morning you have nice, soft hands. Ditto feet.
  9. Use on your Swiffer instead of the Swiffer-sheets.
  10. When I was a teenager we had a dog with a broken leg. We used old socks to keep the cast covered and dry.
  11. Make baby legwarmers.
  12. Use for sending or packing fragile items.

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